PostHeaderIcon Herbal Supplements: A Boon Or Bane.

Herbal Supplements: A Boon Or Bane.

Recently people have started shifting to herbal supplements for their better dietary requirements but the crux lies in whether they are right for you or not? It pretty much depends on your present health and also on your past medical reports.

These supplements have highly active components that in actual effects the normal functioning of the body like over-the –counter drugs and prescription drugs. Their affect on the body varies according to a particular individual and his or her eating habits. Going by the labels of these products can prove to be highly risky as most of them are generally vague. These labels often confuse the customer and they end up spending on a useless or rather potentially risky product. A good knowledge about the products before actually buying them helps a lot. Even consulting your doctor or physician is neither a bad idea.

So the same dilemma still exists, are these supplements safe? The Food and Drug Administration is the authorized federal agency of U.S. which keeps a check on the development and production of all the dietary supplements including their herbal variants and it’s now a mandate for supplement manufacturers to test the purity, ingredients, identity and strength of their supplements to make sure that the product actually contains what is claimed on its tag or label.

Regular checks on their contamination level are also being done by the organization. All the mandates and regulations took three complete years to take shape and get implemented which is the prime reason why not all the products are tested yet. Furthermore, these herbal supplements do not need to acquire FDA approval to get on the shops for sale which is a reason for all those vague products in the market.

There are some precautions which you should keep in mind before in actual going for such supplements such as if you are using over-the-counter or prescription drugs along with supplements then do consult your doctor about any side effects due to their interaction in the body. A good medical history in large reduces such side effects. Using supplements during pregnancy or lactation period. Success of surgery can be affected by their consumption. Herbal supplements should only be taken if you are older than 18 and younger than 65 because older people react to medications in a very different manner.

So the outcome is pretty clear that herbal supplements can do wonders if taken under correct supervision.

PostHeaderIcon Herbs For Kidney

Herbs For Kidney

Kidney is the filter that retains the valuable molecules in blood and excretes the waste products.

As man eats plants and animals, they leave some traces in his body in the form of insoluble stones. These stones ( urate, oxalate ,phosphate..) may be accompanied by inflammation, and is the cause of burning sensation upon urination.

Herbs generously affords many reliving remedies. These remedies are either natural herbs well acquainted by man, or culinary herbs and fruits. These herbs act by inducing some changes in the internal environment of the urinary system, beginning by the kidney itself.

They act by improving the kidney blood flow, thus stimulating kidney productivity with a resultant urine excretion, increasing the protective colloids in the urine and this prevents further stone formation and inflammation, changing the pH of the urine to unfavourable environment for bacterial growth, and/or by dilating ureters so that moderately sized stones can pass through them and excreted with urine to bring the whole problem to an end.

The list involves so many herbs. Kidney herbal remedies are taken orally (household decoctions or juices), or they are formulated into pharmaceutical forms. Nothing is taken through other routes.

Kidney herbs as juices: *Cranberry juice has good effect. Cranberry is formulated into capsules to acidify urine thus reducing bacterial growth and inflammation. *Orange juice: It is excellent diuretic. The best high fluid intake recommended by physicians in these cases. I personally consume a lot. *Lemon and apple juices are also good source of fluid intake.

Kidney herbs as decoctions: *Corn silk(tassels in the husk of zea maize) has potent diuretic properties. *Barley: one of the best known traditional therapies. *Buchu, Juniper berries, Uva Ursi, Burduk, yellow Dock are all known old herb remedies for kidney.

Kidney herbs from Egypt: *Egyptian desert weed ” Cymbpogen Proximus” or ” Halfa Bar”. *Ammi Visnaga seeds. The decoctions of both herbs are used successfully for long years.There are pharmacopoeial pharmaceutical preparations of both in Egypt. They are sold OTC.

Kidney recipes from Egypt: *(Nigella sativa + Honey) paste, to be eaten 3 times daily. *(Curcuma powder + Honey) paste, to be eaten 3 times daily. *Concentrated Grapes juice( by boiling)+ Barley decoction. *Thyme decoction+ Celery decoction.

Any of these remedies should be accompanied with high fluid intake.

PostHeaderIcon Herbal Vitamin Nutritional Supplement For Men Health, Vigor And Vitality

Herbal Vitamin Nutritional Supplement For Men Health, Vigor And Vitality

Herbal vitamin nutritional supplement for men health is a best recommended natural medicine to fulfill body needs. It supplies required nutrients to body cells and improves the overall health and wellbeing of person naturally. Multiple health benefits featured in best herbal supplement addresses the underlying cause of problem and prevents the occurrence of health disorders. Almost all the ingredients used for the best herbal vitamin nutritional supplement are easily absorbed by body cells. It ensures 100% safety and delivers maximum health benefits to person. Best herbal vitamin nutrition supplement for men vigor and vitality is so prepared that it supports people of age groups. Perfect blend of nutrients and minerals present in supplement keeps your body strong and healthy throughout life. Herbal vitamin nutritional supplement is completely free from artificial preservatives, colours and sweeteners. It ensures high performances in daily life activities without inducing any adverse action on user.
Fatigue, one among the widely found health disorders among men can be well cured by using herbal vitamin nutritional supplement for men vigor and vitality. Regular inclusion of best herbal supplement boosts energy production in cells and prevents the risk of tiredness or fatigue naturally. It makes you feel young and enhances your performance level in daily life activities. Energy enhancing botanicals and amino acids present in best herbal supplement improves the stamina of person naturally. Almost all the ingredients included for the preparation of herbal supplement have been used for decades for treating a wide range of health disorders. They are clinically tested and approved by certified health practitioners. Some among the key ingredients used for the preparation of herbal vitamin nutritional supplement for men vigor and vitality include maca, muira puama, tribulus terrestris and epimedium.
Hormonal balance plays a significant role in improving the health and wellbeing of person. Intake of herbal vitamin nutritional supplement for men stimulates the functioning of glands and maintains hormonal balance. This in turn relieves the risk of wide range of health disorders safely. You can use this herbal cure for long term even without the prescription of physicians. It can be best described as a perfect choice of cure for treating a wide range of health disorders due to nutritional deficiency. Apart from consuming herbal supplement, people are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritive diet and doing regular exercises.
At present, you can easily get best herbal vitamin nutritional supplement for men vigor and vitality from online market and health food stores. It promotes the production of human growth hormone and keeps you healthy by delivering health benefits like enhanced immunity system and proper digestion. Aging, one among the main causes of health disorders can be minimized by using good herbal supplement. It prevents free radical mechanism and delays aging impact on person. This in turn boosts the overall health and strength of person. Intake of best herbal vitamin nutritional supplement can be described as a perfect way to boost both your physical health and psychological health. Improving confidence level, promoting libido, relieving stress and curing impotence are other highlighting advantages of using herbal male vitamin nutritional supplement for men vigor and vitality.